How to use this site

Data breach risks are a fact of life in today's business landscape, however there is a lot you can do to reduce their likelihood and impact.

This site will help you whether you just experienced a breach or you are looking to improve data protections for your business. It is your go-to resource for understanding security threats and accessing key knowledge and tools for protecting your business or organization, such as:

  • Tips for implementing data protection best practices
  • Risk assessment calculators
  • Information on consumer and third-party notification regulations
  • Resources for developing an effective incident response plan

Respond to a breach

Start with Respond to a Breach, if you suspect a breach. In this section you can:

  • Access support resources that can help you determine the cause and extent of the braech
  • Find notification requirements, calculators and sample letters
  • Learn about remediation support options available to you at additional cost for faster, more comprehensive responses

Click here if you are currently experiencing or suspect a data breach may have occurred.

Prepare for a breach

Start with Breach Protection, if you are preparing your business or organization. In this section you can:

  • Get incident response plan tips and best practices
  • Assess risk exposure using handy calculators
  • Explore breach regulations and notification requirements
  • Provide employees focused data risk management training
  • Learn about optional information security consulting for identifying gaps in your defenses

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